Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What makes parents happy...

When going out to eat, what makes parents happiest is when their children are happy. Twice in the past month we have gone to restaurants where my children have not been fed. These experiences are made even worse because I have a highly sensitive son who somehow thinks it is his fault that he does not get his food.

The first time at IHOP we ended up leaving after 40 minutes and watching all the tables around us get their food including people who were seated after us. When I asked the server where our food was, she said it would be right up, but continued putting in orders in the computer instead of checking where the food was. My husband asked our server where our food was and she continued to take customers' orders rather than check on our food. When my husband asked to speak to a manager, he waited for 10 minutes and no manager ever came to our table. Needless to say we came hungry, but we did not leave happy.

The second time at a local Japanese restaurant, we got all of our food and my son's chicken never came. It is difficult to enjoy dinner when your son keeps saying, "I'm hungry, where is my food?" Because we were almost done eating, we ended up cancelling his order and taking him to McDonald's afterward.

Please remember when families with children go out to eat, it is an effort that is only enjoyable if the children are happy. Order for and serve the children first and all will be happy.