Monday, December 24, 2007

It's Christmas Eve!

I've made it to Christmas Eve. The presents are all wrapped and ready to go. We have made it to see our family and have enjoyed some quality time with them. Now, rest and relaxation for the next two days. Then, Wednesday it is back to the grindstone of work and preparing for Riley's birthday party on Saturday.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I've Given Up!

Try as I might, but I still can't seem to get it all done, so I've given up! Some things will not happen this year. We will not put up a tree. I will not send out Christmas cards.

I couldn't get the house clean to put up the tree. Now, it seems pointless since it has to come down right after Christmas to make way for a birthday party. The choice is send out party invitations or Christmas cards. The almost five year old won that argument, and so the invites go out, and the Christmas cards stay in the box.

What have I learned, start earlier next year! Make sure all Christmas cards are done before Thanksgiving, the tree is put up Thanksgiving weekend, and then there will be time to plan a birthday party and have all of Christmas.

By the way, I still have wrapping to do, but when, who knows!

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Work Is Never Done

I keep thinking that I am done Christmas shopping because I have bought for my children and my family. But, the list just keeps growing as to the things that I need to get done before Christmas. I still have nine teachers between my children to think about, a few others that I am forgetting right now, and Christmas cards, which, for some reason, I decided to make with my children this year. They are really cute though, and my son really likes to paint. I even got my daughter to paint her hand for a few.

In addition to all that, I need to get invitations out by this weekend for my son's fifth birthday party on the 29th. I hope that two weeks is enough notice to get a few friends to come. Riley is looking forward to this birthday and its party because he has seen birthday parties all year long and really wants one of his own. I hope that he can stick to one theme so that I can come up with theme related activities.

Oh, I forgot, wrapping, I have not started yet! That's another part of Christmas that I keep forgetting about, what is bought has to be wrapped. Come to think about it, I have not even checked to see if I have wrapping paper left over from last year!

Oh yes! The mailing of packages and cards, I keep relegating that to the backseat, but it has to be done soon or else the packages will not get to their destination before Christmas and I will have to stand in some long line at the post office.

Oh boy, everywhere I turn, I need to get something done and soon so that I will have a sense of accomplishment!