Monday, April 28, 2008

Lessons Learned

My aunt was here for four months helping me out in the restaurant and with my kids. She was a god sent gift and what she did for us can never be repaid.

We shared many memories about time that we spend together as I was growing up and what her life was like without parents and having to live with relatives. She shared with me many teaching memories from her years as a marketing teacher as well as how she brought life experience to the classroom. Even though she is retired, she was still collecting information to bring back to her students in the case that she teaches another class.

As an aunt, teacher, and breast cancer survivor, she is an inspiration to me and to many of her students and that could be seen by the number of them that keep in contact with her after they graduate.

One of her favorite mottos is every problem has a solution and to fix problems as they come. She gave me confidence in myself that I can handle anything.

When she left, I gave her a scrapbook that I made with memories of her time here with us. She left me with the parting words that the next time that we meet we are going to talk about what love is (quam luk ben young rai). I look forward to the conversations!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Stupid Stuff

My mother has always told me that when I talk to one of my life-long friends, she always knows who I am talking to because we always talk about stupid stuff. I was always somewhat offended by this remark until the other day when I was talking to my friend, and we ended up talking about what kind of TV our children watch, and what kinds of foods our children eat. Then, I started to think to myself that we do talk about stupid stuff, but it is stuff that interests both of us. I think that when you have been friends for as long as my friend and I have, you keep finding things that interest both of you to keep your friendship going.