Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I've Given Up!

Try as I might, but I still can't seem to get it all done, so I've given up! Some things will not happen this year. We will not put up a tree. I will not send out Christmas cards.

I couldn't get the house clean to put up the tree. Now, it seems pointless since it has to come down right after Christmas to make way for a birthday party. The choice is send out party invitations or Christmas cards. The almost five year old won that argument, and so the invites go out, and the Christmas cards stay in the box.

What have I learned, start earlier next year! Make sure all Christmas cards are done before Thanksgiving, the tree is put up Thanksgiving weekend, and then there will be time to plan a birthday party and have all of Christmas.

By the way, I still have wrapping to do, but when, who knows!

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