Thursday, March 20, 2008

Illnesses, Please Go Away!

Since the end of February we have seen a cold virus, a respiratory virus, an unknown virus, a double ear infection, a false chicken pox scare, strep throat, another ear infection, influenza, and bronchitis. We have had enough, especially me since I have had to take care of everyone because the only illness that I have gotten is the last one.

My children tend to bring things home from school or in the case of Reese, gets things from both school and her brother who she loves to drink after.

Ron was sick two weekends in a row, one with the unknown virus and one with strep. I happen to be a carrier of strep which means that when I was a teacher, I would bring it home, but never get it myself!

Reese is finally on the mend and hopefully, Riley will be well by the end of spring break!

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