Friday, November 14, 2008

A La Rachael Ray

In Rachael Ray Magazine she shows the inside of refrigerators of a different star each month. We went to visit my sister in law last weekend, and when I saw her pantry, I knew that I had to blog about it. It is a very spacious pantry: neat, clean, and organized so that everything can be seen and easily found. My sister in law also practices organic living and this is apparent in the foods that she selects for her family. She enjoys shopping at Whole Foods, and practices good, healthy eating habits.

My husband woke me up on Sunday morning and said you have to try this and put a piece of turkey jerky in my face. Normally, my husband would not eat such a thing, but he must have been really hungry to try it. He said that it was really good. I said that of course it was really good. He was like how do you know. I answered that your sister picks out the best of the best and shares it. She would not share it if it was not good. But the way I did not try the turkey jerky because I knew that we were having Chicken Tocino and Chicken Longanisa for breakfast, and I was saving myself for breakfast. Note the package of Turkey Jerky in the upper left hand corner.

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