Saturday, November 17, 2007


I saw this title on a car license plate yesterday as I was driving around like a mad woman with two children. From start to finish it took me four hours to get my children dressed, to the portrait studio, home, and me back to the portrait studio to pick out and order pictures. The sad thing is that I do this sort of running everyday in some form, whether it is dropping the children off, picking them up, doing errands for my home and professional life, or just spending time with my children by taking them to the library or park.

Moms run all the time, juggling the daily lives of their children, the household, and their professional life. I run everyday of my life even when I am sick because I am always needed somewhere. Most of my friends say they do not know how I do it, and I think that I just do it because it is the life that I was thrown into and I have become accustomed to it. I think that it got to me yesterday because who thinks that four hours of your life are going to be spent taking pictures.

I love having my children's pictures taken professionallly because those pictures always capture something that I cannot quite get because they are mine. Next year I will probably go through the routine once again in order to capture the yearly milestone, but I will face the routine armed with the knowledge that I need to do it earlier in the fall and prepare for a long day!

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Olaina.PhotosandArt said...

Cute. See! And if I were there I would just come over and take photos of you all playing in the park or house or something. :)

Borrow babies are still the way to go, in my book. But you rock!