Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back to Work

Although I was looking for a classroom teaching position, I have found a job as a special education tutor for the district in which I use to work. I have eight students and work in two schools. I enjoy my work and the students that I work with, but as of tomorrow, I have now enjoyed three wind days off. In the winter time we call days off for bad weather snow days, but we have had three days off for hurricane force winds that we got on Sunday as remnants of Hurricane Ike. They say that it could be another week before the whole city has power again and although I have not seen the news today, the rumor is that in my district, about half the buildings still do not have power.

On Sunday I was out in the wind at a festival. We were on the fairgrounds, and the dust was kicking up everywhere. As I was tearing down my tent and packing up my things, things kept falling and blowing away. Thankfully, I saved my tent and do not have to buy another one for next year. You could see the trees blowing sideways and after my experiences with these winds without all the rain that goes along with a hurricane, I now know why hurricanes are so dangerous, and why it is better to evacuate even if it might be all for naught.

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