Monday, December 19, 2011

The Gift of Kindness and Generosity

Today, our Adopt A School, Huntington Bank, came to deliver their Christmas goodies.  I have been in conversation with the department that was paired with our classroom and told her our needs/wants.  Some were just wishes; others were things that I felt I should ask for since we are short on funds this year.

They say that those who can teach.  Well, those that can give do so from the heart.  My students got many things for the classroom, but also for themselves to take home.  They each got a gift bag with a Crayola Kit, toothbrush and toothpaste as well as some snacks and goodies.  I was able to send home with them in addition to that a puzzle each, a package of socks, and a Chapstick.  Snack was provided, and we have extra snacks to get us through the winter months.

For the classroom the kids got to replace their crayons in their boxes and got new glue sticks, the big ones that I love.  We also got modeling clay, a set of markers and coloring books for each student, composition notebooks, pencils, pens, floor puzzles, games, tissues, hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, LEGOs, flash cards, magna doodles, books, and some extra items that I may not be remembering right now.  I got a digital camera for the classroom as well as some really nice pampering items.

Thank you does not adequately express my appreciation for the items that we received.  I was speechless when I saw what these people were willing to provide for my classroom and students.  They were really generous with their time and money, and we will use our things wisely!

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