Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hawaii Day One: Travelling There

I decided to use my blog to journal about our trip so that when we get back, I will have an easier time when I do the journalling for my children's picture books.

We left home at 5am for our early morning flights. Ron and Riley flew together, and Reese and I flew together. Reese did really well with me as a lap child. She slept the whole first leg of the trip, and more than half of the second leg in two segments, 4.5 hours at the beginning and an hour at the end of the flight. During our lay over, Reese played and walked and we toured the airport. I bought her some French Fries for lunch and she was content.

Riley slept the first leg except for take off and landing. He got popcorn and McDonald's during their lay over and stayed up for the second leg of the trip.

We got to Maui about 4:30pm local time. Reese was sick on our trip, and although I was giving her Motrin regularly, she still seemed to be coming down with an ear infection or sinus infection. We got off the plane and took her straight to urgent care since the next day was Christmas. She just had a cold with no infection, and it was recommended that we give her Benedryl.

We had a nice dinner at home that night and ended up missing church on Christmas Eve.

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