Monday, December 29, 2008

Hawaii Day Three: First Rainy Day

We started out our day with a car tour of Wailea and Mekena. We ate lunch at a great pizza place across from The Shops of Wailea and then did some after Christmas shopping at The Shops. After ice cream at Lappert's again we went on a tour of the property of The Grand Wailea Resort. We got some great family pictures on this trip thanks to my niece and my brother in law.

The men and kids were wiped out after this expedition so my sister in law and I dropped them off at home and went on to Walmart and the Filipino store. We were looking for a boogie board with an aqua eye in it and a life jacket for Reese. We found the boogie board at Long's Drugs, but ended up not buying it because it was too expensive for something that I was not sure that Riley was going to do. We did not find a life jacket because we needed an infant one. I now wish that I had found a way of fitting in ours from home, but it was a choice of Ron's tennis shoes or the life jackets.

Ron cooked fish tacos that night for dinner and they were very yummy.

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