Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hawaii Day Six: Another Day at the Beach

We were tired from spending 8 hours in the car the day before so we decided to just stick close to home. We went back to the beach near the house where, as Riley pointed out, there is a lifeguard, no flies, and lots of sand (Kama'ole Beach Park I).

My sister in law and I went to Safeway to buy some essentials, and as we were driving back into her neighborhood, we saw that Ron had gotten the kids ready and my niece, nephew, brother in law, husband, and kids wer walking to the beach! WOW, I was impressed that Ron went to the effort. They continued their walk to the beach, and my sister in law and I went to put away the groceries and finish up some household chores before we joined them at the beach.

Riley found another friend to play with on the beach, but my nephew did not like him because he put sand in my nephew's face. So, while Riley, Reese, and his friend continued digging their hole with Reese sitting in it and helping out, my nephew built a small sand castle village.

My brother in law saw a beached whale while he was out on his motorcycle earlier in the day. While at the beach this day, we saw whales and their spouts, but nothing too close to the shore. We followed their spouts all the way to Molokai.

For dinner my niece stood in line for us to go to Sansei, a sushi restaurant that has 50% off their sushi on Mondays from 5-6pm. You have to go and stand in line starting around 4pm in order to be in the front of the line. She was the first person this day. The kids stayed at home with my nephew, and my niece after she rode back from standing in line. The sushi was delicious and very fresh. I ordered the 69 roll, which was a California roll topped with unagi (eel) which Ron did not like. We left very full and satisfied.

My brother in law has been trying to get us to go and see a movie since we got here. We tried to go and see Benjamin Button after dinner, but it did not start until 8pm, and it was only 6:30 when we left the restaurant. We ended up watching Hitch at home instead.

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