Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hawaii Day Two: Christmas on the Beach

We are staying with my sister and brother in law at their house on Maui. They have a really nice house just down the street from the beach.

We opened presents on Christmas morning, and they were really generous with their gift to us in addition to sharing their vacation with us. Once we were done with all the present opening, we headed to the beach.

The beach is less than a five minute drive from the house. It was a great day; very relaxing and enjoyable. While, on the beach, we saw dolphins jumping and a sea turtle that was about 10 feet from Ron. Riley learned to stay on a boogie board and surf the waves near the shore. Reese really enjoyed the sand. At one point someone asked what time it was, and no one knew or really cared. We did end up leaving shortly after that due to the winds and the tide coming in and blowing our umbrellas down.

For Christmas dinner we went out for Korean food. The bulgogi was awesome as was the fish. On our way into the restaurant we got our family picture taken as the sun was setting. For dessert we went for ice cream at Lappert's. They have this amazing ice cream called Tutu's Anniversary, raspberry and passion fruit sorbet with coconut bits swirled in vanilla ice cream.

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