Sunday, November 13, 2011

Black Friday

 I only started shopping on Black Friday since I have had kids.  I figured out one year that it was the perfect time to shop because I did not have to ask anyone to babysit and I could go by myself and not have to worry about dragging the kids along.  Everyone in the house is asleep, and by the time I get back, they are just waking up.

I never go for anything that is a doorbuster.  I still think that I get some good deals.  I spend Thanksgiving Day after dinner combing the ads and plotting my route.  The only year that I did not go Black Friday shopping was the Thanksgiving we went to Maine.  I usually start out at Toys 'R Us and let the ads lead the way.  I left Target last year because the line snaked around the store.  Nothing is worth waiting that long in line.

Last year I woke up at 4am and was in my first store by 5am.  I was home by 10am.  I think that I went to a total of 7 stores.  With Black Friday starting at midnight this year, I might be better off just staying up and going shopping!

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