Saturday, November 5, 2011

Stop the Dishes!

Last night while I was doing the dishes, the sink started to leak. I was not sure where the leak was coming from, but after emptying out everything under the sink, we figured out the leak was coming from the bottom of the garbage disposer. We have lived in our house more than 11 years so it has come to the time that lots of appliances need to be replaced. Breakfast at McDonald's and a trip to Lowe's this morning brought a new garbage disposer home. Ron unhooked and removed the old one. We worked together to get the electrical cord off the old one and onto the new one without the help of marked red and black cords. A stopping point came when we realized we didn't have any plumber's putty. Taking a break now to do some housework before making another trip to Lowe's. Will update later to let you know if our DIY project worked. (Side note: I wrote this post on our tablet so I apologize in advance for typos that I cannot see.)

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