Friday, November 18, 2011

I Can...

My life has become a series of I can statements.  We are suppose to state academic objectives in kid-friendly language.  I can...  I have charts up around the room stating what students should be doing when they are at each station.  Thought I would list some to face the other aspects of my life right now.

I can...
  • clean the kitchen and the house before Thanksgiving
  • make sure that Riley practices his math everyday as well as finishes his Social Studies Project and regular homework
  • apply for field trips, programs, and grants for school related things
  • evaluate my student teacher
  • plan for the next few weeks of school
  • prepare reading lessons and evaluate and assess reading and writing
  • find and return most of the library books I have borrowed
  • think of things that my children really want for Christmas
  • get some pleasure reading time in over the holiday weekend
  • take the family to visit a National Parks Service Site soon
  • visit COSI to see the Dora and Diego exhibit
  • start and finish the holiday shopping
  • start and finish Christmas cards
  • meet with some friends and family to share in the holiday joy
I can do all of this and more if I put my mind to it because there are a bunch of things that I know I am leaving out!  I think I can; I think I can.

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