Saturday, January 7, 2012


For me, the significance of being able to park in the garage is huge.  It represents hard work that has paid off.  I keep seeing a few ideas on Pinterest that have really interested me.  One is from The Family Handyman that shows a way to store bins on the ceiling of the garage.  This idea appeals to me because we have a really tall ceiling in our garage and with two bigger vehicles, we need to minimize the things that are on the ground on the sides of the garage.

Another idea that I have gotten from Pinterest is how to store LEGOs.  We sat around one Saturday morning and organized all of our LEGOs by color, but the bins were different sizes and not easy to put back where they belong.  In fact, my son has not been able to play with them since we have separated them.  I want him to be able to play with them, but also put them away in an organized fashion.  This is the idea that I copied from Heather J's Life.  I would like to add this idea from Better Homes & Gardens and make a LEGOmobile for the LEGO plastic shoe boxes.

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