Sunday, January 8, 2012


I got an iPod touch for Christmas.  I wanted it mostly for the kids to have something for long trips, but I did not want to invest in their own personal ones.  It has worked out wonderfully because it seems that one likes the tablet we have better, the other one likes the iPod touch so they do not fight over the gadgets.  They also still have their own gadgets if they choose not to play either of the ones that their parents own.

When I went to a conference in July, one of the technology presenters recommended The Missing Manual series of books if you want to know more about your piece of technology.  I did not really think anything of it at the time.  Then, I got a Canon Digital Camera and an iPod touch for Christmas.  The Canon Digital Camera came with an instruction manual, but was easily usable without reading the manual.  I do need to go back and read it to find out how I can get the camera to work faster, or not take so long to be ready for the next picture after taking a picture.  The iPod touch came in a pretty box with a small pamplet that helped to get it set up and ready to go.  I had no trouble getting it started, hooking it up to my computer, or buying apps.  But, I was left with a sense of I know this machine can do more than what I am doing with it, but I don't want to find out by trial and error how to work it.  I got on the library's website and reserved the missing manual: iPod 8th Edition and My iPod touch Second Edition by Brad Miser.  I started with the missing manual and I liked it, but then decided to switch to the other book because it is specific to the iPod touch.  It is telling me some things that I already know, but I am learning a great deal about my new iPod touch.  I may not use it all, but at least I will know what it is capable of doing!

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