Monday, January 16, 2012

The Grocery Store Took Two Hours!

I used my new app, Grocery Pal, when I went to the grocery store today.  I actually had a grocery list, some coupons downloaded to my loyalty card, and I was armed with my stack of coupons.  I took my youngest with me.  We had to go and look for a special cart.  We didn't find one, and we were at the other end of the store so we started out in Health and Beauty and worked our way backward.  I think that Eat This, Not That! suggests that you do the perimeter of the store first to make sure that you get the things that you really need.  So, we started out in Dairy, then Meats, Bakery, and Produce.  As we were doing the middle of the store, I realized that we forgot the minced garlic so we had to go back to produce.  Then, Reese really liked the imitation crab, so we had to go back for another sample and to pick up a pack for home.  We were almost done with frozen foods when Reese had to go to the restroom.  We ended in cleaning supplies and then had to wait in line because we got the after work shopping crowd!  Whew!  Glad that is over!

For all that hard work, I saved almost $37.00, which is cool because in this day and age, groceries are expensive and packages are getting smaller and smaller!  I think that I just realized that if you download a coupon to your loyalty card, they do not double it, but if you have the paper coupon, it comes up as scanned coupon and bonus coupon, meaning it is doubled!

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