Monday, November 3, 2014

From November to November

As I logged on to write for NaBloPoMo on the first, I realized that I have not posted sice NaBloPoMo last year. In that time I have experimented with different apps, planners and journals. Some part of me wants to wants to leave more of myself than the typed word. I want my words to be memorialized in my own handwriting. Another part of me does not want to be reliant on technology when I am writing. Technology is fast and convenient, but sometimes lacks the personal touch. I know there are artsy apps, but you also have to be creative and have the time to explore and experiment.

Journals don't really work for me. Seeing all that blank space on a page is paralyzing. I do like journaling in my planner. I gave an 8 1/2 by 11 planner. It gives me enough space to write down my daily needs as well as short excerpts of our lives. I have found that my favorite planner is one where the days are vertical on the page. The only issues I have right now is finding space on my desk for my planner consistently as well as remembering to get out my planner at the end of the day to document that day's events.

So, as I return to my blog this month, I cannot promise that you will hear from me next month or even tomorrow, but I know that I enjoy documenting and writing about my life. December is challenging for me to continue blogging daily because of the busyness of the season. Hopefully, I will find the time next month as I do everyday every November!

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