Sunday, November 2, 2014

Post Halloween Tradition

Usually on the day after Trick or Treat or Halloween, we take our pumpkins out back and shoot them with our bows. The oldest is usually the only one who gets to participate in this activity, but this year, the youngest could participate as well. She was finally old enough to take beginning archery this fall. I took it with her and could have shot pumpkins also, but chose just to be the camera person for this event. The youngest is left eye dominant so a new bow had to be bought and prepped for her. We had to keep shooting until she hit a pumpkins. She did not want to give up. She finally got one shot in and then the other just as it got dark.

I am thankful that her school got the Archery in the Schools grant, and she is able to participate in archery at school. I really wished that they could have gotten it while my son was there! Better late than never though!

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