Saturday, November 1, 2014

November First

With the beginning of November upon us, I look back fondly on the happy times of Halloween and the enjoyment the children felt for the occasion. I also look back gratefully and think thankfully a quarter of Kindergarten testing is done! The stressfulness of the last month of testing makes me realize how inappropriate all this testing is as well as a waste of resources, time, and money that could be better spend educating rather than testing our children. In addition, the results of these tests will in no way change my teaching or in no way provide me with the information needed to appropriate lessons for all my students. One-fourth of the school year has been lost due to information that someone feels that they need to fill in some chart or to collect to prove or disprove their point. I would have rather spent that time training my student to work cooperatively and making sure classroom routines are in place so that I can teach to their individual needs. Instead, I had to teach them computer skills that they needed to take their tests and try to test students individually while 27 other students were demanding my attention.

I look forward to spending time with family and friends this month as well as starting the preparations for the Christmas season. Although there is a great deal to do for Christmas, I look forward to this busyness because it will bring people joy and happiness. Testing, especially of young children, just brings stress to all involved with no real purpose.

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