Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Night Dinner

Traditionally, I like to go out to eat on Friday nights. I am usually tired from the work week and every other week, it is payday, so why not? Today, I already had a beef roast thawed out in the refrigerator, and I did not want it to go to waste, so I came home and cooked. I got out my iPad and looked up a recipe for a beef round roast and found Perfectly Roasted Bottom Round Roast with Garlic and Thyme. I actually had all the ingredients! Once I got this going, I thought I would pair it with some frozen vegetables, which we always have on hand. Then, I thought, let me see if I have some instant mashed potatoes. Well, I didn't, but I did have some Idaho potatoes in the pantry. So, I looked up a recipe for mashed potatoes and found Perfect Mashed Potatoes. I didn't have any heavy cream on hand, so I found Nestle's Table Cream in the pantry and used that for a substitute. With the frozen broccoli steamed in the bag in the microwave, Voila! A home-cooked meal and all made from scratch!

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