Friday, November 8, 2013

What I Have Learned So Far About Daily Blogging.

Although I have done NaBloPoMo before, I have found that this time it seems to be more difficult for me to post until late at night. I am consistently looking at the clock at around 11pm and realizing that I have not posted yet for today. I do find that I have things to post about or have found the prompts from NaBloPoMo or The Daily Post to be sufficient. I have found before though that if I cannot find inspiration from the prompts, I have tended to give up on that month.

In addition, I started using Momento, an app for the iPhone, to journal about my family for when I have the time to write about it in a scrapbook, then I will have something to refer to. If I would just keep up with my blogging, I would not have the issue of having to journal.

Daily blogging is rewarding. For me it has gotten me away from reading about others and gotten me to concentrate on myself.

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