Thursday, November 21, 2013

Irony of the "Fire" Room

At one of the school I taught at, my room had a blue-green and white checked pattern tile floor. It was interesting to have kindergartners in that room because I would occasionally catch them hopping hopscotch. The rumor was that the floor had that tile because, at one time, a student set a fire in the coatroom. Traditionally, in older buildings, the coat room would have two doors, one on either end. This coat room was open leading me to believe that the story was true.

Yesterday, I rearranged the furniture in my current room in order to be able to use the projector with my computer. The principal stopped by today and liked how I had rearranged my current room. During our conversation we shared how we would often change the furniture around and then sometimes change it again the next day if the traffic did not flow the way we wanted it. Somehow the conversation led to a previous school I had been at, and she had been at also. I shared that I was in the room with the checked floor. She revealed that it had once been her classroom also! What a coincidence!
Here is a sample of the floor!

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